Skyway is an international freight forwarder, customs broker and transport company, specialized in logistics offering door-to-door service for clients trading on the global market. We were approached to design their new website, and update their almost 40-year-old brand.

A new home online for Skyway.

After almost 40 years in business, it was time for Skyway to take their first step online. They approached us with the task of creating a site reflective of their revised brand and to help them establish a new home on the web.

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Marrying brand, design, and content.

We combined elements of Skyway's redesigned brand along with imagery, video, and subtle animations to create an online point-of-contact for their firm.

Bringing Skyway's brand into the 21st century.

Skyway's original logo, almost 40 years old, was overcomplicated, dated, and had grown into a perceptual liability for the firm. Our task was to modernize and simplify the logo, to establish a stronger visual association with the firm's activities, and create a mark designed to serve them for many decades to come.

The original logo.

The original logo was almost 40 years old, creating an overall old-fashioned and negative perception of the firm. Superfluous details muddied the presentation, and posed additional problems in terms of reproduction, particularly its legibility at smaller sizes. Finally, adding to the discordance, over the decades the logo had been tweaked several times and was now being inconsistently used, with slight variations of colour and shape in use across a wide variety of applications.

The new Skyway.

We completely redesigned the logo, adopting a professional yet approachable typeface, and a vastly simplified logomark. The mark was designed to reflect forward movement, and to evoke a plane's tail fin, a nod to the Skyway name and symbol of transport. Bringing these elements together created a modernized, simple, and professional new visual brand asset designed to reflect the new Skyway.

Designed for flexibility across regions and applications.

Additional variants of the logo were created, such as a bilingual and solid-colour versions. These ensure that the logo can be appropriately represented in different regions, and is flexible enough to be incorporated into a wide variety of designs and layouts.

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